25-year-old Country singer and “Pretty Little Liars” actress (ABC Family) Lucy Hale visited patients at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital on Monday, December 8th.

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With fans:

Las Vegas Bull in Las Vegas:

KSOS’s Christmas CountryFest + M&G:


Lucy Hale was scheduled to appear and perform tonight, Dec 14th, in Fresno at the Acoustic Country Christmas. She has taken to her Twitter just now to say that an emergency has come up and she will not be able to make the show.

“Due to a personal emergency, I can’t make the show tonight. I hate letting y’all down. I love you & thanks for understanding.”

Lucy never went into any details about what the emergency was about. We sure hope that everything will be OK for her. If any more details emerge then we I will let you know.

“Pretty Little Liars” 5×13 Screencaps:

103.5 WEZL Girls live performance + meet & greet:

Q104.1 in South Carolina (live):

2014 Jingle Jam:


While the newsstand may be ailing, when it comes to September, fashion, beauty and luxury-centric magazines are still aware of its importance. According to newly released newsstand sales numbers by the Alliance for Audited Media, Cosmopolitan won the September issue battle with 698,500 total single-copy sales for its cover featuring Lucy Hale. InStyle came in second with sales of 503,400 copies for its Julia Roberts cover, followed by Vogue, which featured models Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss on its cover, which sold 359,703 copies.


15. She loves her fans

Lucy Hale is always stepping up to the plate for her fans. She’ll stop for them at award shows, on the street, in the mall or wherever else. Hale was excited to release her debut album, Road Between because she wanted to show her fans the real Lucy.

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